Hose Watering Gun Sprayer

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  • Number:JR0033
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Size: Approx.19cm*13cm


Product Description

  • Save your precious time and money!
    This Hose watering Gun Sprayer is Car and Garden double, auto (vehicle wash for 35W-150W), Garden (for 2-6KG) pressure tap
  • Has eight types of spray (fog/cone/flush/stream/shower/fly/focus/level), multi point fusion and front switch is more simple to control.
  • It allows you to control the flow of water. A slide handle permits you to change water pressure as you need, and it can help save a ton of water.
  • The nozzle includes a decent lock bar at the highest point of the handle that keep the water stays on without you applying any pressure. Simply use the clip so you don't need to keep your hand holding it every time.
  • It fits all standard home hoses. With its thread inside and fast interface twist-on function, it is always ready to use.
  • Perfect for watering your garden, lawn, grass, flower beds, and washing dogs, and Pets.