BaseusAutomatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

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  • Brand: Baseus
  • Name: Baseus Minipeng Hand Washing Machine
  • Main material: ABS
  • Color: White
  • Working voltage: 6V
  • Working current: 240MA
  • Rated power: 1.4W
  • Sensing distance: 4 - 5cm
  • Size: 209.8mm*93.3mm*70mm Product
  • Net weight: 220g
  • Power supply mode: Matching 4 double A alkaline batteries

Product Description:
  • Induction Foaming intelligent Hand Washing Machine : Infrared detecting foaming, More sterile without contact, Dense and soft foam, Highly antibacterial and hand protective.
  • Foam is Dispensed when Hands are Sensed, Free from Contact, Clean and Sanitary.
  • Infrared foam detecting is done in 0.25 second, contactless design to stay away from cross-touch of microscopic organisms, more sterile than squeezing type foaming.
  • Penguin-formed Elbow Nozzle : Has the design of 45° shifting point looking like penguin sharp beak; enjoy rapid foaming without contacting the machine; advantageous and speedy without tiring hands.
  • Frothing at Two Levels, Know your Every Need : Wash your hands frequently before meals and keep bacteria away from Your hands and mouth.
  • Cooking at Kitchen, Your Trustable Helper : It is inconvenient to press the hand sanitize as both hands are covered with oil stains after cooking so, it is a clean and efficient way to wash hands with foaming induction.
  • Wonderful match with various home decorations, fancy gadget everywhere basic home plan, simple incorporation into different scenes like kitchen, toilet, restroom, etc.

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