Electric breast pump

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• Product Name: Electric Breast Pump
• Material: PP
• Power Supply: USB
• Color: White

Product Description:
• For effective and gentle expression of Breast Milk
• Soft silicone rub pads guarantees comfort.
• Has 3 level suction change according to mother's necessity and comfort
• Ergonomic handle shape for better hold
• Includes feeding teat and cap
• Easy to assemble
How to Do It?
• Wash hands prior to using milk pump for breast milking.

• Milking at your own pressure. If the breasts feel pain then milking should be stopped.

• Simply squeeze the milk for no more than 20 minutes.

• Use a lidded holder when storing breast milk.

• Do not refrigerate the breast milk for more than 72 hours.

• Try not to put refrigerated milk and fresh breast milk together.

• Defrost the refrigerated bosom milk or connection the holder to the warm milk for warm taking care of.

• Thaw the refrigerated milk. If the baby cannot finish drinking that milk, then do not repeat the refrigerated breast milk.

• Discard the excess and clean the holder.


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