Handheld Steaming Tool
Handheld Steaming Tool
Handheld Steaming Tool
Handheld steaming tool
Handheld Steaming Tool
Handheld Steaming Tool
steaming tool
Handheld Steaming Tool
Handheld Steaming Tool
Handheld Steaming Tool
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Handheld Steaming Tool

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  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Current: 350mAh
  • Voltage: 108Hz                                  
  • Particle Size: 1.0-5.0um
  • Working Frequency:110 kHz ±10 kHz
  • Atomization Rate: <0.35ml/min
    Medication Temperature: 5℃-40℃
  • Medication Cup Capacity: 10ml
  • Power Supply: USB Charging
  • Charging Time: 3 Hours
  • Working Time: 20 Times(Totally about 5 Hours)
  • Timer: 15 Minutes After Operation
  • Product Size: approx. 10.2*4cm





Package Included:

  • 1* Mist Inhaler Atomizer
  • 1* Power Cable
  • 1* Atomizing Mouthpiece
  • 1* Children Mask
  • 1* Adult Mask
  • 1* User Manual
  • 1* Drawstring Bag

        Product Description

Ø  This handheld steaming device is convenient, lightweight and palm size fit, appropriate for both home and travel use.

Ø  Works on ultrasonic technique to turn the medicine into 3~5μm tiny particles, simply deliver even and fine fog to improve the retention proficiency of medication, less residues left.

Ø  It has one button control, quickly turned on and off and you can change the volume of spray mist as per your demand.

Ø  Separable and washable plan makes it simple and easy to clean, maintaining hygiene and safety.

Ø  It comes with a built in lithium battery which is powered Via USB charging ,can be used for 5 hours after completely charged.

Ø  The auto shut off function after every 15 minutes allows to save energy free you from constant operation hassle.

Ø  Outfitted with an atomizing mouthpiece and two covers in various size varieties, broadly appropriate for youngsters and grown-ups for multipurpose applications.

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