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    Anxiety Calming Pet Bed

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    Anxiety Calming Pet Bed



    The Pet's Owner #1 Voted Pet Bed!

    Dogs and Cats sleep 13 hours a day, so it's only right to get them a bed that they absolutely love. Our Pets love sleeping and they deserve a great bed. We have designed the perfect calming pet bed, every little detail has a significant purpose.

    Studies have shown, 1 in 4 domestic Pets experience anxiety. When they are left alone, they build up stress and this leads to severe destructive behavioral problems, loss of appetite, and a shorter life span. Help reduce your pet's anxiety and improve the quality of life for your dog or cat with this calming pet bed!!!

    Why This Bed?

    • Eases Anxiety¬†-¬†The raised rim creates a sense of security & coziness.
    • Soft & Fluffy Material¬†- This calming pet bed's material is very soft and keeps your dog warm.
    • High Walls¬†- It has been proven that dogs sleep better when they feel safe and protected. So your dog can snuggle in the walls for perfect sleep, unlike any other dog beds.
    • Padded Bottom¬†- This anxiety pet bed is perfect because your dog can be comfortable with the bed on any surface.
    • Ultra Soft,¬†VEGAN¬†Fur Fabric¬†-¬†Made from ultra-soft vegan fur.¬†It is one of the comfiest materials we sell. Its long fibers¬†are soft durable and¬†machine-washable.
    • Luxurious design¬†-¬†Sleek¬†design, this bed is a great addition to accommodate the design of any home!
    • Rip & Tear Resistance¬†- These anxiety beds are built for dogs to dig and claw without ripping the bed.
    • Machine Washable¬†- You can take off the exterior layer and it is safe to wash in any fashion.




    LOVE AT FIRST SLEEP - Pet's feel protected, safe and love the calming bed that's designed for them 

    Beautifully designed - never loses its’ shape and structure with a lush microfibre neutral cover that blends in with any interior.

    Dust mite resistance - Our beds are also made of dirt-resistant bottoms, making spills and accidents easy to clean up.



    Main Benefits

    Anxiety Calming Pet Bed 


    Built to last -  Crafted with premium nylon fabric and finished with a plush faux fur exterior, we aim to provide your pet with the most comfortable sleeping arrangement imaginable. Your dog will have this bed for a long time the Heavenly Sac | Anxiety Calming Pet Bed will always keep its shape and never sag. The tightly-woven bonded cover is 2x thicker than other dog bed covers to resist scratching, pawing, and biting

    Easy to clean - The Anxiety Calming Pet Bed is machine-washable so you don’t have to worry about your dog getting it dirty. Wash and dryer friendly to eliminate pet odors and excess hair quickly and easily. Note - Please dry immediately after washing to prevent the fur from matting. You never have to throw out a dirty dog bed again! 

    Easy to move - wherever you go, it is easy to carry. The dog never lacks his second home.




    Sizing Suggestions

    Small 20"x20" - Pets Up To 20lbs
    Medium 30"x30" - Pets Up To 50lbs
    Large 40"x40" - Pets Up To 150lbs

    WHY A Anxiety Calming Pet Bed?

    Our Calming bed is one of the most unique and highest quality pet beds that you can't find anywhere else! Sustainably and responsibly sourced, we pride ourselves on providing dogs and cats with the most comfortable sleeping experience possible. 

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